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Snowflake Hat

Easy Two Color Fair Isle Hat



Approx. 3 oz. main color

small amount of contrasting color for snowflakes

size 8 circular needle or size to maintain gauge

Gauge is 4 sts to 1" or 6 rows to 1"  For those of you who knit tighter you can have a gauge of 5 stitches to 1" and cast on 100 stitches instead of 80.  You will have 5 repeats instead of 4 for the adult size.


Cast on  (60 child's ) , 80 adult (100 for tight knitters adult size), place marker and join , being careful not to twist stitches.

Ribbing: K2, P2 around for 2"

You can also have a roll brim by Knitting 10 rows then Purl 2 rows.

Pattern:  Knit two rows even in contrasting color then, begin chart below.  The x's are knit in main color and the open squares are contasting color.  Complete the chart, Knit 2 rows in contrasting color and fasten off contrasting color.  Knit piece even in main color until it measures 7" .(6"), (7")

Decrease Rows: 

Row 1: Knit 6 reg. adult size (4 for childs, 8 for tighter knitter adult size) , K 2 together

Even Rows: K

Row 3: Knit 5 (3, 7), K2 tog

Row 5: Knit 4, (2, 6), K 2 tog

Row 7: Knit 3, (1, 5), K 2 tog

Continue decreasing in the above manner until you have K 1 ,K 2 tog

Next row: K 2 tog

Because you are knitting in the round the design on row  7 of the actual snowflake pattern (center row) will come out wrong. To correct this use the "jogless jog" or go back to it after finishing the hat and repair the color of the stitch that is off with duplicate stitch.

Knit row even, repeat until only 5 stitches remain. Finish off hat by knitting an I-cord loop (directions on Checkered Band hat page) or a several braids in both colors at the top.  You may add a pom-pom if desired.