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Raining Cats and Dogs Hat
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Raining Cats and Dogs Hat

By Gail Bable, March 2006


Materials: size 5 to 7 16” circular needle

Set of same size double points

Approx. 2 ozs. Green light worsted or sport weight yarn, small amounts of pink, purple, gold, blue and white

Inc 1: knit in front and back of stitch

Gauge: 5 sts to 1” in sport and 4.5 sts to 1” in worsted  (Child’s size in Sport , teen/adult size in worsted)

Ear Flaps: Make 2

With double point cast on three stitches and work I-cord for 12”

Row 1: Inc 1 in first stitch, K1, Inc 1

Row 2 ,3, 4 : Knit

Row 5: K1, Inc 1, knit until 2 sts remain, Inc 1, K1

Row 6,7,8: Knit

Repeat rows 5 – 8 until you have 19 sts on the needles. Break off yarn on first ear flap, leave attached on second one.


With circular needle Knit across the 19 sts of the ear flap, cast on 18, knit across 19 sts from first ear flap, cast on 24. Join without twisting.  Purl one row

Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row. Repeat Knit and Purl row 1 more times.

Knit 2 rows even.

Begin Cat pattern: attach pink

Row 1: *K3 with Gr, K2P, K1 Gr, K2P* repeat

Row 2 and 3: *K4 Gr, K1P, K1 Gr, K1P, K1Gr*

Row 4:* K2Gr, K5 P, K1 Gr *

Row 5:* K2 Gr, K1P, K1Gr, K3P, K1Gr*

Row 6:*K1 Gr, K2P, K1 Gr, K3P, K1Gr*

Row 7: K1Gr, K1P, K3Gr, K1P, K2Gr

Row 8 and 9: K4 Gr, K 3 P, K1Gr

Row 10: K4Gr, K1P, K1Gr, K1P, K1Gr

11 and 12: Knit 2 rows with green, fasten off green

13, 15: with Pink Knit, fasten off pink

Row 14, 16: Purl , attach purple

Row 17 and 18: with purple knit. On last row increase 4 sts, across evenly. Begin Dog pattern

Row 19: Attach Gold: K2P, K2G, K1P, K7G

Row 20: K3P, K1G, K2P, K5G, K1P

Row 21: K3P,  K1G, K1P, K5G, K 2 P

Row 22: K3P, K6G, K3P

Row 23: K3P, K5G, K4P

Row 24: K3P, K4G, K4P

Row 25: K2P, K4G, K6P

Row 26: K1P, K2G, K1P, K5G, K3P

Row 27: K2P, K7G, K3P

Row 28: K4P, K2G, K6 P

Row 29,30: Knit with purple, decreasing 4 sts in last row and break off.

Rows 31, 32, 33, 34: with gold repeat rows 13 to 16.  Break off Gold

Row 35:  Attach Blue and * K6, K2tog * around

Row 36: Knit

Row 37: Attach white, *K3 B, K1 W * around ending K2 B

Row 38: Knit with Blue

Row 39: K1B, * K1 W, K3 B* repeat around ending K2 B , Break off white

40. Knit one row even with blue

Row 41: K5 , K 2 tog around

Row 42: K4 , K2 tog around

Row 43: K3, K 2 tog around

Row 44: K2, K 2 tog around,

Row 45: K1, K 2 tog around

Row 46: K 2 tog around until 3 sts remain. Knit I-cord for 5” bind off and weave in ends.

Make three small pink tassels to attach to ends of I-cord.