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Based on the Hand To Hand Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Cabled Hat

by Gail Bable , copyright Feb, 2007


4 oz. Worsted weight yarn

Size 6 and 8 16” circular needles or double points

Yarn needle

Cable needle

Child sized

A Left over Right Cable works as follows:

Put first three stitches on your cable needle and put them to the back of your work (we were doing the front on our bookmarkers), knit the next three stitches from your left needle, then knit the three from your cable needle

Right over Left Cable :

Put three needles onto your cable needle and hold them in front. Work the next three stitches from left hand needle, then knit the three from your cable needle.


On size 6 needles, cast on 84 sts. Join being careful not to twist the stitches.

Rows 1-6: K1, P1 across

Row 7: Work in K1, P1 increasing 9 sts evenly across row. 93 sts.

With Size 8 needles, begin Cables rows (directions for cables found in pattern) :

Pattern Rows:

Row 1: *{K6, P1,K6}, [P1, K1,P1], (K12), [P1,K1,P1,]* repeat from * to* 2 more times. It may help if you place a marker at the beginning of the round and a different type marker at the end of each repeat. I found it helped me keep track of where I was much better.

Row 2: *{L over R Cable, P1, R over L Cable}, [P1, K1, P1], (R over L Cable twice), [P1, K1, P1]* repeat 2 more times

Row 3, 4, 5: Repeat row 1

Row 6: *{K6, P1, K6}, [P1, K1, P1,], (K3, L over R Cable,K3), [P1, K1, P1)*, repeat 2 times

Row 7, 8, 9: Repeat Row 1

Row 10: *{K6, P1, K6}, [P1,K1,P1], (R over L cable , twice), [P1,K1,P1] * repeat 2 times

Row 11, 12, 13: Repeat Row 1

Row 14: *{R over L Cable, P1, L over R Cable}, [P1,K1, P1], (K3, L over R Cable, K3), [P1, K1, P1, ]* repeat 2 more times

Rows 15, 16, 17: Repeat Row 1

Row 18: *{K6, P1, K6}, [P1,K1,P1], (R over L Cable , twice), [P1,K1, P1], * repeat twice

Row 19, 20, 21: Repeat Row 1

Row 22: *{K6,P1, K6}, [P1, K1, P1] , (K3, L over R Cable, K3), [P1, K1, P1)* repeat two times

Row 23, 24: Repeat Row 1

Repeat rows 1-16: one more time then kitchener the top closed. Add tassels to both corners if desired. Weave in ends.

For a cap that ties on top: Repeat rows 1-24 one more time, kitchener the top closed then add 12” braids to the two corners. Pull the ties tightly into the center and tie into a bow.